Python Setup

Prerequisite MATRIX HAL

Make sure you have installed MATRIX HAL, before continuing.

Python Setup

Install the PIP3 package manager.

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

Upgrade PIP3.

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

Create a project folder.

mkdir lite_py
cd lite_py

Download the matrix-lite-py package. Note that the module to import is called matrix_lite.

sudo python3 -m pip install matrix-lite

Creating An Application

Copy our Hello World example below into to test your installation.

from matrix_lite import led
from time import sleep
from math import pi, sin

everloop = ['black'] * led.length

ledAdjust = 0.0
if len(everloop) == 35:
    ledAdjust = 0.51 # MATRIX Creator
    ledAdjust = 1.01 # MATRIX Voice

frequency = 0.375
counter = 0.0
tick = len(everloop) - 1

while True:
    # Create rainbow
    for i in range(len(everloop)):
        r = round(max(0, (sin(frequency*counter+(pi/180*240))*155+100)/10))
        g = round(max(0, (sin(frequency*counter+(pi/180*120))*155+100)/10))
        b = round(max(0, (sin(frequency*counter)*155+100)/10))

        counter += ledAdjust

        everloop[i] = {'r':r, 'g':g, 'b':b}

    # Slowly show rainbow
    if tick != 0:
        for i in reversed(range(tick)):
            everloop[i] = {}
        tick -= 1




Once you have ready, use the following command to run our rainbow Hello World.



Next Steps

With your device now setup, you can visit our Reference page to get started with MATRIX Lite.