Device Setup

Hardware Prerequisites

  • MATRIX Voice
  • Compatible Raspberry Pi:
    • 4 Model B
    • 3 Model B+
    • 3 Model B
    • 3 Model A+
    • 2 Model B
    • 1 Model B+
    • Zero
    • Zero W
  • 5V 2.5A Micro USB Power Supply
  • MicroSD Card with the latest version of Raspbian installed
    • We recommend using for easy flashing

Device Installation


  1. Insert flashed microSD card into Raspberry Pi
  2. Attach MATRIX Voice onto Raspberry Pi GPIO pins
  3. Power Raspberry Pi with micro USB power supply

The yellow startup LED sequence (with 1 LED off) will be removed when a programming environment is installed.

Choosing A Programming Environment

After your MATRIX Voice is setup, visit Ecosystem Overview for information about the three programming environments available to you in the MATRIX platform.

All 3 programming environments are compatible with the MATRIX Voice & MATRIX Voice ESP32 version on a Raspberry Pi.

ESP32 Setup

Users with a MATRIX Voice ESP32 version can also follow this guide on how to program their ESP32 module.