Device Compatibility


The Servo driver can set the angle of your servos through the pins of your MATRIX device.

Device Pinouts:

Available ZeroMQ Ports

  • Base port: 20045
  • Error port: 20047


Base Port This port accepts a single configuration for communicating with the Servo driver.

  • servo - the servo configuration that's created from a ServoParams message.
message DriverConfig {
  // ServoMotor service configuration servo = 7;

View the defined message here.


  • pin - Selects the pin you want to use on your MATRIX device.

  • angle - emits a signal input that represents the angle set.

// Servo handler params
message ServoParams {
  // Pin to configure
  uint32 pin = 1;

  // Servo angle
  uint32 angle = 2;

View the defined message here.

Error Port Applications can subscribe to this port to receive driver related errors.