Device Compatibility


The Pressure driver reports values for:

  • Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Temperature

Based on component location, the temperature values from the Humidity driver are recommended over the Pressure driver

Available ZeroMQ Ports

  • Base port: 20025
  • Keep-alive port: 20026
  • Error port: 20027
  • Data Update port: 20028


Base Port This port accepts 2 configurations for communicating with the Pressure driver.

  • delay_between_updates - controls the output speed of messages from the Data Update port.

  • timeout_after_last_ping - stops sending messages from the Data Update port if nothing has been sent to the Keep-alive port after the specified amount of seconds.

message DriverConfig {
  // Delay between updates in seconds
  float delay_between_updates = 1;
  // Timeout after last ping
  float timeout_after_last_ping = 2;

View the defined message here.

Keep-alive Port This driver needs keep-alive messages in order to send data to your application. It's recommended to send an empty string "" because the contents of a keep-alive message are never read.

Error Port Applications can subscribe to this port to receive driver related errors.

Data Update Port Applications can subscribe to this port for pressure data. The output will be a serialized message of type Pressure with the following information.

message Pressure {
  // Pressure
  float pressure = 1;

  // Altimeter
  float altitude = 2;

  // Temperature
  float temperature = 3;

View the defined message here.