Device Compatibility


Requires you to have the MATRIX Kernel Modules installed.

The following sections below will go over how to retrieve microphone input through ALSA.

Import Statement

const matrix = require("@matrix-io/matrix-lite");


This function will allow you to configure your MATRIX microphone settings. Default values will be used if no configuration was given.

  • config: object
    • rate: Any number from 0 to 15.
    • debug: true or false.
    • exitOnSilence: number of seconds.
    • channels: Any number from 1 to 8.
var mic = matrix.alsa.mic();
// or
var mic = matrix.alsa.mic({
  rate: '16000',
  debug: true,
  exitOnSilence: 6,
  channels: '1'

Once the microphone is setup, visit npm mic page to see what functions & event listeners are available. This package is included in MATRIX Lite.