Installing NFC Support


Device Compatibility

Make sure you have installed MATRIX HAL before continuing.

Downloading the NXP Library

Due to NXP's terms & conditions, we cannot directly distribute the library to our users.

You can download the NFC Reader Library for PN512 by creating an account on the NXP website and downloading the zip file here.

Click the download button.

Click the 4.04.05 NFC Reader Library for PN512.

Then click to download NFC Reader Library v4.040.05 R2 for PNEV512B including all software examples.

Compiling and Installing MATRIX HAL NFC

Before starting, ensure you have access to the terminal of your Raspberry Pi via an SSH-session or connect a screen, mouse, and keyboard. Once you've opened the terminal, insert and run the following commands.

Install the tools needed to build MATRIX HAL NFC

sudo apt-get install cmake g++ git

Clone the MATRIX HAL NFC repository.

git clone
cd matrix-hal-nfc

Now move the file you downloaded into the matrix-hal-nfc folder. If you don't know how to transfer files into your Raspberry Pi, follow this simple guide on using an FTP client.

Once complete, you can install the NXP library into /usr/local/include/matrix_nfc/nxp_nfc with the following command. Please ensure that you have have placed inside matrix-hal-nfc.


Now build and install MATRIX HAL NFC with the following command.


NFC Examples & Compile Instructions

After building is complete, a few compiled examples will be in the build/examples folder.

You can compile your own programs with the following command.

g++ -o YOUR_OUTPUT YOUR_INPUT -std=c++11 -DNXPBUILD__PH_RASPBERRY_PI -I/usr/local/include/matrix_nfc/nxp_nfc/NxpNfcRdLib/types -I/usr/local/include/matrix_nfc/nxp_nfc/NxpNfcRdLib/intfs -lmatrix_hal_nfc -lmatrix_creator_hal

Helpful Information

MATRIX HAL NFC header files are installed in /usr/local/include/matrix_nfc.

The compiled MATRIX HAL NFC library file is installed in /usr/local/lib/

Next Steps

Now that MATRIX HAL NFC is properly installed, you can find examples here and references here.