Device Setup

Device Setup

Congratulations on your purchase of a MATRIX device, we hope this is the beginning of an exciting adventure of making and discovery.

Connecting your Device to a Pi

Your MATRIX device is made to fit atop a Raspberry Pi.

If you're using a Camera, be sure to connect it now.

Align the MATRIX device pin slots to the GPIO pins on the Pi.

Press together firmly.

The center of the Pi should roughly align with the center of the MATRIX device.

Insert SD Card

Make sure you have a copy of Raspbian on that Micro SD Card of yours, and ensure that it's seated well in the SD Card slot.

Power On

Connect at least 2.5A of power to your Raspberry Pi.


Where to go next with your MATRIX is entirely dependent on your level of comfort.

  • MATRIX OS - A fully managed platform for your devices, data and behaviors, with the primary language being Javascript.
  • MATRIX CORE - Centralized software protocol to enable communication with the hardware, with 40+ languages supported.
  • MATRIX HAL - C++ drivers for sensors and available components. Tooling for accessing the FPGA and microcontrollers on the MATRIX device.