Device Compatibility

MATRIX Voice is currently experiencing issues with LEDs in the MATRIX Open System.

The Everloop is a powerful tool for visually communicating through LEDs. Click the video below to learn more.

Everloop Tutorial

matrix.darken() and matrix.brighten() have not been implemented.

String Notation & Render

You can use any CSS color property (color-name, rgb, and hex). Darker colors on the Everloop generally display with more precision then lighter colors, which tend to get washed out. The code below shows how to set the entire Everloop to green with each CSS property.

The .render() method must be included at the end of the matrix.led() method to update your MATRIX device's LEDs.

// String
// Hexadecimal
// RGB

Please avoid using rgba. Alpha values do not render correctly.

Creating Shapes

Currently, shape manipulation on the MATRIX Voice does not render properly. Fix in progress!

Shape objects are methods of manipulating multiple LEDs in the Everloop at once. Shape creation is simple, you define the shape you want to make as an object and pass it into matrix.led() like the example below

  arc: 90, //arc shape that takes up 90° of Everloop 
  color: green, //turn shape green
  start: 0 //start shape at 0° of Everloop

Available Shapes

Include one of these shape properties in your shape.

arc: 90 //number of degrees to draw an arc, supports negative values
angle: 45 //degree number to draw a single point

Shape Properties

Every Shape object must include the color property to render.

color: 'red' //color strings, as specified above
spin: 230 //rotate color hue ( 0 - 360 )
start: 0  //degree at which shape begins, arc shape only

Rotation Operation

These operate on the shapes and colors defined in the led object.

.rotate(angle); //rotates whole shape by number of degrees 
    arc: 45,
    color: 'blue',
    start: 50

Multiple Shapes

Use an array in the matrix.led() method to include multiple shapes.

// make a smiley face
  //left eye angle
    angle: 45,
    color: 'yellow'
  //right eye angle
    angle: 135,
    color: 'yellow'
  //smile arc
    arc: 90,
    color: 'yellow',
    start: 225

Direct LED Manipulation

Array index indicates the LED to change. The index of an LED is labeled directly above the LED on your MATRIX device (D1, D2, D3, D4, etc..). Use 0 to turn off the LED.

matrix.led([0, 0, 0, 0, 'yellow', 0,
0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'yellow', 0, 0,
0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'yellow', 'yellow',
'yellow', 'yellow', 'yellow', 'yellow',
'yellow', 'yellow', 'yellow']).render();

LED Animation

By using a setInterval() method, you can animate the LEDs on the Everloop. Below is an example of an active clock that demonstrates this.

  var time = new Date();
  var h = time.getHours();
  var m = time.getMinutes();
  var s = time.getSeconds();

  var hourLED = {
    // translate hours (12) to angle (360)
    arc: h * 3,
    color: 'blue'

  var minuteLED = {
    // translate minutes ( 60 ) to angle ( 360 )
    angle: m * 6,
    color: 'green'

  var secondLED = {
    // translate seconds (60) to angle (360)
    angle: s * 6,
    color: 'yellow',

  // will draw all three
  matrix.led([hourLED, minuteLED, secondLED]).render();

}, 1000);

Advanced Use

Enable SUN_MODE=true as a flag, when launching MATRIX OS, to turn on the white LEDs (and the luminence calculations). Wear sunglasses or use another mode of protecting your eyes when using this while developing. It is intended for use behind coverings.

SUN_MODE=true node index