Cross Talk


Cross-Talk events allow MATRIX applications to exchange information between different devices, or on the same device. For example, a temperature monitor app can output an event to an alarm app to notify you when the current temperature is too high or low. Cross-Talk events will only be sent to MATRIX devices tied to the same MATRIX Labs account.

Config Setup

You should have familiarity with Configuration Files before exploring further.

CrossTalk requires each event, that will be emitted, in your app's configuration file to execute successfully. This information is also used in the app store to determine which applications can communicate via events.

Defining An Event

Add the events: configuration to your app's config.yaml and give each event your app will emit. Do not add this to an app's configuration if they are only going to listen for events.

  - flashGreen
  - highTemperature

Event Emitters & Listeners

Once your app has its events properly defined, you can use matrix.emit to broadcast the event to other MATRIX apps and matrix.on to receive them.

.emit(app, event, payload)

Use this function in the application that has the events defined in the config.yaml file.

Events can also be emitted through the MATRIX CLI matrix trigger command here.

  • app MATRIX app you're sending the event to.
  • event Event being sent to MATRIX app.
  • payload Optional object or string to attach to event being sent.
// Trigger an event in a specific application
matrix.emit('app', 'event', payload);

// Example 1
matrix.emit('ledControl', 'flashGreen');

// Example 2
matrix.emit('alarm', 'highTemperature', {temperature: 80.95899963378906}');

.on(event, callback)

Use this function in the application that will receive the events. Applications that receive events do not need to specify the events in its config.yaml.

  • event Event to listen on.
  • callback Callback method with payload returned.
// Listen for CrossTalk events sent to this application
matrix.on('event', function(payload) {

// Example 1
matrix.on('flashGreen', function(){

// Example 2
matrix.on('highTemperature', function(payload){


Receive events from the MATRIX Dashboard by binding them to widget controls.

// Interface elements from Dashboards can also trigger CrossTalk events.
matrix.on('buttonClick', function(payload) { ... });

See Configuration > Widgets for the entire list.