CLI Tool

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The MATRIX CLI tool is a terminal interface for managing your MATRIX devices and applications. This includes deploying, downloading, and publishing applications.

MATRIX CLI requires Node.js on your personal computer.


To install the MATRIX CLI, execute the following command in your personal computer's terminal.

npm install -g matrix-cli

Command list

Typing matrix lists all the available MATRIX CLI commands. Each command for the CLI tool must begin with matrix.


  • matrix register - Register for a MATRIX Labs account.

    matrix register device - Registers a MATRIX device to your account.

  • matrix account - View MATRIX Labs account details.

    matrix account profile - Edit account details.

  • matrix remove YOUR_DEVICE_NAME_OR_ID - Removes a MATRIX device from your account.

  • matrix login - Sign into MATRIX Labs account.

  • matrix logout - Sign out of MATRIX Labs account.

  • matrix upgrade - Update current MATRIX CLI tool version.

  • matrix use YOUR_DEVICE_NAME_OR_ID - Select MATRIX device to use.

  • matrix set - Set environment or locale.

    matrix set env DESIRED_ENV - Switch between dev, rc, and production environments. Recommended to stay in rc.

    matrix set locale DESIRED_LOCALE - Switch between es (spanish) and en (english) locale for the MATRIX CLI tool.


  • matrix list - Lists all MATRIX devices or apps.

    matrix list devices - Lists all registered devices.

    matrix list apps - Lists all installed MATRIX apps for the current device.


  • matrix search APP_NAME - Check if a MATRIX app is listed in the app store

  • matrix install APP_NAME - Install MATRIX app to your MATRIX device.

  • matrix uninstall APP_NAME - Uninstall MATRIX app from your MATRIX device.

  • matrix config APP_NAME - Check configuration of an installed MATRIX app.

  • matrix start APP_NAME - Starts an installed MATRIX app.

  • matrix stop APP_NAME - Stops an installed MATRIX app.

  • matrix restarts APP_NAME - Restarts an installed MATRIX app.


  • matrix create APP_NAME - Creates folder with the necessary files for a MATRIX app.

  • matrix deploy APP_FOLDER - Installs MATRIX app to your MATRIX device.

  • matrix publish APP_FOLDER - Upload MATRIX app to the app store.

  • matrix unPublish APP_NAME - Remove MATRIX app from the app store.

  • matrix trigger EVENT_TO_EMIT - Emits a Cross-talk event to each MATRIX device.

  • matrix ping - Flashes the lights on MATRIX device currently selected.

  • matrix log - Shows all console.log() outputs from your MATRIX device.

matrix ping has a known issue where it will output an error, but still ping the device.