MATRIX Open System


During this maintenance we strongly suggest that you use MATRIX CORE or MATRIX HAL as an alternative.

MATRIX Open System (MOS) is open source software for hosting IoT applications. MATRIX Open System runs on node.js, and initially, applications will be written in JavaScript. The current workflow of this platform it to deploy and install apps into your MATRIX device, from a separate computer, anywhere in the world.

Getting Started

Learn how to install MOS and create applications for your MATRIX device.


Look over the MATRIX Open System SDK to see the current libraries and features we have to offer. This includes CLI tool commands, sensors/component references, dashboard, and many other vital configurations needed to take full advantage of MOS.


Take a look at the example to show you how you can create a simple dashboard setup for your MOS application.

Mobile Applications

Access and manage your MATRIX devices with the mobile apps


Look at common debugging solutions for any issues you encounter.