Publishing Apps

Publishing your Application

MATRIX App Store is in early development. All applications may be reviewed and are subject to removal at any time.

MATRIX applications can be published to the MATRIX App Store for users to share their IoT creations with the community.

Before publishing an application.

Ensure Meta Information is Accurate

The following information goes into your MATRIX application's config.yaml. The contents of your app's will be shown on its detail page, along with any images provided.

Required Meta Information

  • name - The CLI command matrix install will use this to find your app.

  • description - Mini description shown in app preview.

  • displayName - Name shown on the app store.

Optional Meta Information:

  • imageUrls - will be used on the detail page

  • galleryUrl - will be used on the main App Store page, or the first item in imageUrls will be used

  • keywords - are used to tag your application and will be used to return your application on searches for these keywords.

  • categories - are not yet formalized, but will divide the store listings. Submitting proposed app categories will inform this process.

#example config.yaml

name: example-app
displayName: The Example App
description: An example application config.yaml.



  - example
  - configuration

  - entertainment
  - development

Ensure Components are Setup

All applications, which use events and sensors, must register these in the config file..


  - face-recognized
  - locked-door


  - temperature
  - uv

A user will be required to grant an application permissions before installing. A user may install an app with any or all permissions enabled.

Uploading An Application

Your application must do only what it claims to do with the name, description and

All sensors, integrations, and services must be registered in the config.yaml. User's will give consent for each after installing your app.

To upload the your application, use the following MATRIX CLI command and point it to your app folder.

matrix publish YOUR_APP_FOLDER