MATRIX Open System

MATRIX Open System (MOS) manages Javascript-based applications on MATRIX devices.

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Using MATRIX Open System

MATRIX devices must be linked with your account to use MOS. If your MATRIX device starts with a pulsing blue light, MOS is installed and ready for Bluetooth Pairing. Otherwise, you can start from scratch with Manual Installation & Registration.

MOS devices and applications can be managed and observed via the MATRIX Dashboard, or via mobile apps on Android and iOS.

To learn more about applications, tooling and the dashboard, start at Overview

Developing MATRIX Applications

To develop on MOS, you should have some familiarity with JavaScript and how to do command line operations. See Prerequisites for more details.

First, install the Command Line Tool and register your device, either via CLI or mobile app. After your device is registered, the best place to start with developing MOS applications is Hello World. This will get you familiar with the MOS application-device workflow.


After the CLI is installed, visit Next Steps to get started with examples, or dive into the reference.

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